About KNSU

Organizational Structure


  • Direct Presidential Committee

    • Sport & Human Rights Committee
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    • Academic Senate

    • Professors Association

    • Various Committees

University Organization Information

University Headquarters

Office of Academic & Education Affairs
Academic & Education Department
  • Faculty Affairs Team
  • Educational Affairs Team
Office of Planning & Evaluation
Planning & Evaluation Management Team
  • Planning Team
  • Evaluation Team
Office of Training & Student Affairs
Training & Student Affairs Management Team
  • Training Team
  • Admission & Student Affairs Team
Office of General Affairs
General Affairs Department
  • General Affairs Team
  • Financial Team
  • Military Reserves & Civil Defense Management Office
Facility Management Team
  • Construction Team
  • Mechanical Team
  • Electronics Team

Undergraduate School

College of Sport Science
  • Dept. of Physical Education 
  • Dept. of Sport Coaching
College of Health & Human Development
  • Dept. of Community Sport 
  • Dept. of Youth Guidance & Sport Education 
  • Dept. of Adapted Physical Education 
  • Dept. of Sport Industry 
  • Dept. of Exercise Training for Health Care & management 
  • Dept. of Sport & Healthy Aging
College of Sport Culture & Arts
  • Dept. of Taekwondo 
  • Dept. of Preforming Arts

Division of Liberal Arts & Science 

Graduate School

Graduate School 
  • Dept. of Physical Education (Ph.D.)
  • Dept. of Physical Education (M.S.)
Graduate School of Sports & Leisure Studies 
  • Sport for All Major Sport
  • Health Management Major
  • Taekwondo Major
  • Sport industry ·Management Major
  • Sport Youthology Major
  • Dance Major
  • Disability Sport Major
  • Sport Rehabilitation Major
  • Sport Safety Management Major

Graduate School of Sport Convergence 
  • Sport A.I.·Big Data Major
  • Sport Engineering Major

Ancillary Facilities

Academic Information Center  
  • Information Management Team 
  • Information Service Team
  • Information Security Team
  • Infrastructure Administration Team
  • Academic Affairs Systems & Technology Team
Lifelong Education Center 
  • Lifelong Education Team
  • Sport Instructor Training Team
Cheonma Dormitory 
  • Dormitory Service Team
Health Center
  • Health Clinic
  • Physical Therapy Clinic
Human Resources Development Institute
  • Human Resources Development Center
  • Counseling · Human Rights Support Center  
Center for Development of Teaching 
  • Faculty Support Team
  • Academic Support Team
  • Education-Media Support Team
  • Administration Support Team
Office of Disability Services 

Research Cooperation Facility

Head of Industry & Academy Cooperation
  • External Affairs Team
  • Industry & Academy Support Team
Sport Science Institute 
Sport Intelligence Service
  • Korean Institute for Olympic Studies Center 
  • Sport Volunteer Center

Other facilities

Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation
Academic Promotion & Scholarship Foundation