Academic Program

Performing Arts

Department of Dance Performing Arts : Life and sport become art through the power of dance!

Department Slogan

"Life and sport become art through the power of dance!"

Department Introduction

The Department of Dance cultivates community dance professionals who promote health and the good use of leisure time in this era of lifelong education. It particularly cultivates sport choreographers and dance instructors who can teach not only basic dance movements but also the artistic components required for various elite sports. The students learn theories and practices for sports and dance and identify new trends that enhance Korea's international competitiveness in these fields.

Careers after Graduation

Graduates will be qualified to work as professional dancers, dance instructors (elementary, middle, high schools), social sport instructors, community dance instructors, dance staff (make-up, costuming), dance choreographer, etc.


Yoga, Pilates, Active Yoga, Dance Massage

Key Subjects

Introduction to Dance, Stage Make-up, Dance Music, Dancewear, DanceTeaching Methods, Expression, Performance Planning, Rhythm Training Methods, Rhythm Training Methods (English Lecture), Folk Dance, Dance Massage, History of Oriental Dance, History of Western Dance, Dance Sociology, Analysis and Notation of Dance Movement, Dance Nutrition, Dance Therapy, Theatre Theory, Method of Dance Creation, Practice in Creation, Dance Criticism, etc.

Department Activities